About WiSPS

The aims of WISPS are to:

  • provide a wide network of female colleagues research-active or interested in feminist and gender studies
  • promote and explore the interactions between feminist theories, practices and methodologies within the Luso-Hispanic world and women academics in Britain and Ireland
  • establish strong and cooperative links with feminist organisations across the Luso-Hispanic world
  • provide a challenging but informal forum in which feminist and gender issues and work-in-progress can be discussed
  • provide support networks and guidance on professional issues for women Luso-Hispanists in British and Irish academia
  • encourage all women colleagues in Spanish and Portuguese studies throughout the tertiary sector to join and participate in the group
  • provide continuing networking opportunities for retired members of WISPS
  • bring together women whose research areas do not focus on the issues outlined above, but who are interested in making links with other women in Luso-Hispanism
  • organize annual conferences to act as a focus for all those working in university departments in Great Britain and Ireland and/or researching into fields such as feminist theory, history, cultural memory, linguistics, literature, cultural and textual theory, audio and film studies, performance studies, politics, anthropology, geography, queer theory, and theatre studies, within Luso-Hispanic cultures
  • manage the income from subscriptions carefully and through them to offer a series of annual bursaries to fund attendance of postgraduate students at the annual conference, as appropriate or other activities in furtherance of our aims
  • inform members about upcoming calls for papers, conference events and other matters in line with the stated aims of the organization
  • organize one day events, study days, guest lectures or other events as appropriate
  • collaborate with and organize joint conferences with Women in French Studies (WIFS) and Women in German Studies (WIGS) as appropriate