Welcome to WISPS

By Bea Caballero • • 14 Sep 2012

Welcome to WiSPS!

Women in Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies (WiSPS) provides a wide network of female colleagues research-active or interested in feminist and gender studies within the Luso-Hispanic world and academics in Britain and Ireland.

Our website brings together information on our annual conferences, awards, calls for papers, study days, guest lectures, publications, job listings, among others. We also have a Facebook page for everyone interested in WiSPS, and a Facebook group exclusive for members. You can also follow us on Twitter!

If you want to become a member click here!

To REGISTER for the 2018 WISPS annual conference which will be held at the University of London 2-3 November, 2018 CLICK HERE!

Download the 19th WISPS Annual Conference (2018) Programme HERE

If you would like to support WISPS, please click here.

WISPS would like to thank Belén Gache for allowing us to use her artwork Góngora Wordtoys (Soledades) (2011) in conjunction with the organisation’s acronym. You can visit her work here: http://www.belengache.net/

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