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New Book: 'Photographing the Unseen Mexico' by Dominika Gasiorowski

New Book: ‘Photographing the Unseen Mexico’ by Dominika Gasiorowski

By Maria Montt Strabucchi | blog, news

  This autumn, my first book entitled Photographing the Unseen Mexico: Maya Goded’s Socially Engaged Documentaries will be published by the Modern Humanities Research Association imprint Legenda ( Based on nearly a decade of research, which included my PhD supervised by Prof Parvati Nair and funded by the Westfield Trust Research Studentship, the book establishes Maya Goded as one of the leading lights in Latin American photography.     Born in Mexico City in 1967, Maya Goded ( is an acclaimed photographer and documentary filmmaker. Throughout her career as a visual artist, she has maintained a focus [&hellip

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