Report on Postgraduate Travel Grants 2017: Verónica Gómez (Universidad Nacional del Litoral, CONICET)

By Maria Montt Strabucchi • blog • 20 Nov 2017



November 2017

My name is Verónica Gómez and I come from Argentina. I am a PhD student in Humanities at the Universidad Nacional del Litoral (Santa Fe) and fellow researcher at CONICET. I hold a Bachelor of Modern Literature and Linguistics from the Facultad de Filosofía y Letras (Universidad de Buenos Aires) and an MA in Comparative Cultures and Literatures from the Facultad de Lenguas (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba). I am a member of LitELat (Red de Literatura Electrónica Latinoamericana ( and part of INTERCO-SSH (International Cooperation in Social Sciences and Humanities (

I work on the relationship between electronic literature and location. My research focuses on the location of e-literature when it abandons its national belonging. Specifically, I study the case of the Electronic Literature Organization ( including the Electronic Literature Collection ( and its institutionalization and internationalization

I am currently based in Venice, enrolled in the Erasmus Mundus Program for Postgraduate Studies (from September 2017 to February 2018). Because I was already in Europe, I considered that it was a good opportunity to attend the WiSPS conference at the University of Leeds in November 2017. I immediately felt welcomed by the friendly atmosphere WISPS became for me a space to discuss the position of my research area in the field of Latin American studies with other researchers and postgraduates attending the conference from Europe, Latin America and the US.

The panel where I presented my paper explored different perspectives about culture, history and identity in national discourses in Latin America. I shared the panel with Isabelle Gribomont, who presented a corpus analysis of texts of the Zapatista Revolution, and with Nohelia Meza, who investigates the rhetoric of cultural discourse in Latin American works of Electronic Literature, a topic closely related to my own research. My presentation –“Building the zone in Mexican Technopoetics: The Transformation of National Elements​ ​into​ ​Geopolitical​ ​Territorialization”– discussed the strategic use of national elements in three Mexican e-lit works. I suggested that the idea of Nation operates in these texts as a strategy to locate these Mexican productions in global contexts and, consequently, toestablish political affiliations with one another. The works analyzed transform the local languages –legal texts, iconic images about life and death, and folkloric tradition– into instruments for geopolitical territorialization, thus positioning themselves (the works) within​ ​a​ ​global​ ​community.

I extend my thanks to the University of Leeds, WISPS for having awarded me a WiSPS postgraduate conference bursary. I particularly thank Prof. Thea Pitman, who kindly invited me to participate in this conference and gave me her entire support during the organisation of the panel. I look forward to the WiSPS annual conference 2018.

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