Between the Frames: Politics and Visual Print Media from Spain since 1975 (University of Cambridge)

By Maria Montt Strabucchi • news • 15 May 2018
BETWEEN THE FRAMES: Politics and Visual Print Media from Spain since 1975
18-19 May 2018
The Bowett Room, Queens’ College, University of Cambridge
 This two-day conference re-examines the legacy of the Spanish Transition to democracy. Centring on visual print media (comics, tebeos, cartoons, and graphic novels) published from 1975 to the present, we engage the repressive structures out of which a democratic regime was forged in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Divided into two parts, on its first day, our speakers consider how artists traced the highly fraught Transition from 1975-1985. Its second day, which focusses on visual narrative from 2008 to the present, subsequently addresses the realities of the (post-) crisis years in Spain. The juxtaposition of these discrete historical frames, as we aim to show, reveals entrenched fissures at the core of Spain’s democratic order. Underscoring the pervasive relationship between the past and the present, the project aims to foreground iterations of visual print culture as political interventions in their own right; as artistic attempts to (re-) imagine the future of Spanish politics.
The event brings together international scholars and practitioners across a range of perspectives and disciplines, with presentations (in Spanish or English) from: Mari Paz Balibrea, Jorge Catalá-Carrasco, Maria Iranzo, Germán Labrador Méndez, Anne Magnussen, Ana Merino, Ryan Prout, Ivan Pintor, and Jonathan Snyder.

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